Fight or Flight?

When you are presented with a stress, your body reacts pretty quickly. Examples of stress could be: Your alarm clock, dropping a glass plate, a dog chasing you, turning the corner and getting a fright. All are immediate stressors requiring an immediate response. Our bodies, as well as most animals, have developed a response to these stressors. Adrenaline release. It causes muscle tension, increased heart rate, dilated pupils, sweat, immune shutdown, digestive shutdown, blood rush to the periphery (arms and legs.) This is an entirely appropriate response to these stressors. This process evolves over minutes, and resolves with what would be commonly called “shock” (tremors, cold extremities, constricted pupils etc)

However, in our Millennium.

We are now dealing with different stressors… That work deadline in 3 days time. The CONSTANT to do list, all of which seems urgent. Time constraints, work posture (sitting… its stressful!), traffic, family drama, breakdowns, financial stress, the list can seem endless! Our bodies respond in the same way as above, EXCEPT, there is little to no resolution. We stay in fight/flight with adrenaline coursing through our veins. When this happens our brain and body becomes overloaded and overwhelmed. When our brain is overwhelmed with alarm signals it starts selectively ignoring them. Only the important things first.

Our bodies end up tense, rigid and full of muscle tension. It takes a lot of energy to sustain your body through the day. Symptoms can include: Fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, tightness, breathing difficulty, vision problems, insomnia, can’t switch off, muscle tears, slipped disc, tendonitis, knee pain, hip pain, random pain, sciatica, again, the list can be Endless…

Network Chiropractic helps reduce stress and tension on your nervous system and assists in enabling you to deal with your current stressors in life.

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