People visit us for three main reasons

Elements Chriopractic Nerang, Elanora - NSA Chriopractic

Less stress

In the modern world, more and more people are feeling the effects of chronic stress

Elements Chriopractic Nerang, Elanora - NSA Chriopractic

Less pain

Being in pain stops you in your tracks. Gentle chiropractic helps you move and feel great again.

Elements Chriopractic Nerang, Elanora - NSA Chriopractic

More life

When your body is functioning optimally it allows you to do all the things you love.

Conditions we help with

Instead of forcefully adjusting 'sore-spots', we find with areas within your body that produce more EASE. No longer bashing down the front door to get in the house, our method is like effortlessly walking through the unlocked back door.

We focus on helping your body let go of stress so you can heal

When your nervous system is constantly 'wired' this does not promote healing. Changing the internal state of your nervous system allows you to heal naturally.

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Elements Chiropractic, Dr Andrew Gladigau

Effortless adjustments

Our caring and friendly chiropractors utilise a method of chiropractic known as Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). This is a gentle non invasive, no cracking chiropractic technique. NSA works with the body’s tension rather than trying to fight against it. The result is a gentle adjustment that helps you feel great.

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Meet Your Chiropractors

Dr Andrew Gladigau, Chiropractor, Elements Chiropractic

Dr Andrew Gladigau



Andrew has been receiving Network Chiropractic care since 1999 and was inspired by its approach and results to study Chiropractic after 10 years working in the Banking and Finance industry. Quite the career change!

Ultimately, Andrew enjoys learning and passing on information in interesting and informative ways. He has a special interest in food and nutrition and enjoys running - particularly barefoot running!

Having just recently had a new addition to the family, Andrew also enjoys spending time with his wife Kylie and new baby Evelyn!

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What to expect at Elements Chiropractic

Our new patient appointments are designed to find the true cause of your problems. Our gentle approach to chiropractic gets results.

Your first visit at Elements Chiropractic, Nerang Chiropractor

Your first visit

Your first visit at Elements Chiropactic will take approximately 75 minutes. This appointment is designed to help our chiropractors determine what is causing your problem. If appropriate, you may receive your first care session on this visit.


Your second visit at Elements Chiropractic, Nerang Chiropractor

Your second visit

During your second visit, we will sit down and discuss the results of our Assessment with you. We will provide you with specific and individual recommendations for what Chiropractic Care is required and what results you should expect.


Ongoing Care at Elements Chiropractic, Nerang Chiropractor

Ongoing care

Ongoing visits at Elements Chiropractic will involve us continually assessing your progress towards your goals - and are tailored to your specific condition and requirements.


Our Nerang location

Visit us in our practice for a consultation.

Elements Chiropractic - Nerang

4/39-41 Nerang Street, Nerang, QLD 4211
P: 0493 056 218

Let go of stress and love your body

Gentle Chiropractic helps your body remove tension and stress naturally.

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