Reorganisational Healing

Reorganisational healing is the paradigm in which NSA is founded. The aim of reorganizational healing is not to put you back to where you were before the problem/symptom/stress began, but to create change to put your body on a new and more productive path of wellness and vitality.

Reorganisational healingAn example of this is a recurring headache. The headache itself can be treated (ie using a painkiller to minimise or eliminate the symptom) but this will not involve reorganisation or learning within your system.

Reorganisational healing will involve identifying the reason why the headache is there and aim to make a change to the organisational structure of your nervous system to create a new strategies and pathways to enable your body to function without needing the headache symptom.

“Reorganisational Healing is an approach to developing new personalized strategies to evolve health and life to more effective, vital, conscious levels. It considers intrinsic factors enhancing one’s energetic resources along with one’s most effective nature and style of change. With ROH, life challenges, symptoms, and diseases become opportunities to go beyond one’s familiar baseline of living to claim a bolder more vital and resourceful state of health, wellness, productivity and life.”

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