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Sick and tired of living with headaches and neck pain?
Find out more about a gentle treatment option designed to improve the way your body responds to pain with the Elements Chiropractic Team

Most people have experienced some form of headache or neck pain in their lives. Regular headaches or ongoing neck pain not only causes pain and discomfort, but can also affect quality of life. With the availability of over the counter painkillers, a lot of sufferers get by taking pills to manage their pain rather than treating the real cause of the problem.

So what’s the problem with ongoing use of painkillers? Apart from just masking the problem, misuse or overuse of painkillers can make you very unwell. For example, it’s recommended that drugs people think are safe like Ibuprofen should be used for a short time only. If you suffer from pain and tension in your neck and head, you may also feel referred pain, numbness or tingling in your jaw, back or arms, and suffer from dizziness or foggy thinking. So rather than just getting on with it and managing your pain, maybe it’s time to try something different:

At Elements Chiropractic, we use a gentle approach to treat your headache and neck pain symptoms. We work on releasing your tension with no manipulation, adjusting, cracking, or forcing your neck or spine

So what do we do?

We utilise a low-force and gentle technique called Network Spinal Analysis Network Spinal Analysis is a solution that helps you to release tension and stress in your nervous system, and help calm and release the muscle tension that is usually causing your pain. Rather than focusing on the symptoms, we focus on removing the underlying problem first so the symptoms no longer need to be present in your body.

We won’t:

We will:

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