Our Chiropractic Approach

At Elements Chiropractic – we take a different approach to traditional Chiropractors.

We do not manipulate, adjust, crack, pop or force your spine to do anything it is not ready to do.

Traditional Chiropractic identifies the “sore spots” and heavily guarded areas of your body – where the pain and dis-ease is – and overwhelms the defences of your body by applying a high amount of force and input to your system. This can work if you repeat the process over and over and overwhelm the bodies protection mechanisms.

So what do we do?

We utilise a low-force and gentle technique – Network Spinal Analysis – to identify areas of EASE in your body. We focus on these areas because they are MORE receptive to receiving information and input – and most importantly – the MOST LIKELY areas to adapt and change. By taking this approach we can use a much lower level of force and create a much larger amount of CHANGE.

The areas of your body where there is lots of muscle tension, fixation, lack of movement, pain & discomfort etc are like an entrance to a heavily guarded compound. To get through this defence you need to use force. The approach we take looks at identifying the areas where there is less defence. This is like finding the back door wide open and unlocked – there is less defensiveness and less force is required to get in.

So rather than focus on the symptoms and trying to patch up the problem for the short term we look to the structure of your body – the patterns and strategies that your body is using – and look to have an affect on changing these to allow your system to reorganise to a higher level of function, leaving your symptoms and dysfunction in the past!

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