Spinal Health Awareness Week 22nd - 28th May 2017

Andrew Gladigau

May 19, 2017

Spinal Health Awareness week is an important time here at Elements Chiropractic.

We are passionate about spinal health and helping people live healthy lives.

So why do we care so much about the spine and how healthy it is?

Firstly it is important to know what the spine and spinal cord are responsible for!

The spine coordinates the whole body, it can function independently of the brain when required and sends nerve signals that control voluntary movements (such as waving hello) and involuntary movements (such as breathing and digestion).

The spine is ultimately the lifeline of our body, it supports our entire physical structure and carries more than a million nerve messages from the brain to the rest of the body.

The spinal cord is your bodies computer wiring and is an extension of your brain, when it is in poor health all of your functions are affected.

A fun fact to know is that both the brain and the spinal cord contain the same cellular matter, it is just arranged differently.

In the brain, the gray matter comprises the outer portion of the brain’s physical material. In the spinal cord, the gray matter in contained in the inner part of the cord.

Gray matter is an accumulation of neurons that deal with either motor or sensory function.

White matter contains the wiring for communication between the brain and other structures.

+1 in 6 Australians are experiencing the physical and psychological effects of chronic back problems.

That is A LOT of Aussies who suffer needlessly with chronic back pain while they sleep, walk, work, drive and live. (No wonder there’s so much road rage!)

We recommend taking action on healing your spine and feeling confident to move freely again.

Ignoring the twinges, living with pain and being fearful of moving your body, can leave you physically and mentally unwell.

We encourage you to stop living in a stiff body from lack of movement and in a perpetual cycle of back pain.

It is vital to find ways to be free of harmful pain medication for chronic back pain and reclaim your life.

The best way to move forward is to be checked properly by experienced professionals of the spine and invest the time in your spines rehabilitation.

This can include Network Chiropractic care, nutritional eating, quitting smoking and doing gentle exercise.

Come in to Elements Chiropractic in Nerang and start caring for your incredible spine now.

Yours in Health,

The Elements Chiropractic Team

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